Tortoise Data

Here at TotallyTortoise we are aiming to collect data on as many possible tortoises in captivity as we can.

We will be collecting all the vital statistics such as Height, Length, Width, Weight etc. We hope to be able to collate enough data to be able to work out averages for tortoises sizes vs weight. This will enable us to have more of a general idea of what is classed as a healthy size to weight ratio.

This will be a mammoth task and will require collecting the data from many tortoises, 1000’s of measurements will be required all in all to allow us to gain the more accurate results. Even then the data sample may still be too small for us to accurately create a ratio that would be suitable to use. However we are asking for your help to allow us to start work on this huge project by submitting your tortoises statistics into our database.

The first lot of data we will begin collecting is for the tortoise listed below:-

As time goes by we aim to add more and more species, however it makes sense to collect date from the most commonly kept tortoises as the data is more readily available allowing us to gain larger samples of data, therefore increasing the accuracy of any ratio we may be able to create. So please click on the links above relevant to your tortoise and submit your data.

You can enter your email address if you wish and once we have received a large enough sample to be able to make a ratio we will inform you so that you can test this out. This may then lead us to requiring more data or it maybe be accurate enough to use safely.

If you have any thought, questions or would like to get involved please get in touch with us.

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