Parasitic Worms In Tortoises & Treatments

All tortoises are susceptible to parasite burdens. Even recently purchased tortoises can be riddled with parasites. It is recommended that you get a thorough faecal examination of your tortoises faecal matter. If you are unsure on how to do this, most vets offer this service at a reasonable price. Even tortoises that have remained isolated from other tortoises can still have high concentrations of parasites. This can be caused by constant faecal material in their habitat as well as ingestion of worm ova.

Tortoises are prone to getting worms and the two types particularly common are Ascarids and Oxyurids. Ascarids are long and greyish in colour whilst Oxyurids tend to be smaller and very thin. Both of these parasitic worms respond very well to treatment of Panacur Liquid (Fenbendazole).

Panacur should be administered to tortoises in the form of a liquid suspension. Which can be aquired online or from many vets or place such as pets at home. The dosage rate is 3ml of 2.5% solution per KG of body weight. Tortoises are able to take a much higher dose than a human or other mammals could. A 3ml dose for a mammal is enormous in comparison to that of a reptile.

It is important to remember that under no circumstances should ordinary dog or cat worming tablets, powders or liquids be administered to tortoises. They may contain chemicals and other ingredients which could prove highly toxic to tortoises and could be fatal.

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