How to administer Panacur to your tortoise


A 1ml Syringe
Digital Scales (That weigh in at least 1 gram increments)

1. Prepare some food that you know your tortoise won’t refuse. Forbidden foods usually work best such as Strawberries, Cucumber or lettuce.
2. Check to ensure you know what strength Panacur you have.
3. Weigh your tortoise as accurately as possible.
4. Use one of the following calculators to ensure calculate the dosage.

5. Using your syringe fill it directly from the Panacur tube to the required dosage.
6. Carefully apply the Panacur to your selected food and sandwich them together. (I just fold a piece of cucumber in half).
7. Feed the food to your tortoise. It’s best to ensure you treat each one individually. You then know they have received the correct dosage.
8. Record the date that you administered the Panacur as well as the dosage.

9. Repeat the dosage every 10 days until the have had 3 doses.

Many tortoise keepers treat the tortoises annually as a matter of routine. There is no right or wrong way to do this. However I only treat mine if there is a sign of worm infestation or if a fecal sample comes back as positive. I really recommend that you get your tortoises feces checked annually. It is essential this is performed pre-hibernation and the best time is at the end of the summer when they come back indoors. Any tortoise that has a worm infestation shouldn’t be hibernated.

It’s also highly recommended to treat your tortoise for worms as soon as you can. The longer it’s left and the higher the concentration of parasites can cause serious damage to your tortoise.

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