Welcome to Totally Tortoise

Welcome to Totally Tortoise! We aim to provide a wealth of information on how to look after your shelled friend.

We have many resources on offer and all for free. We have strong conservation beliefs and would like to establish our very own Tortoise Breeding Initiative. This will provide a wealth of knowledge from experienced keepers and breeders on breeding your tortoises. The main aim is to allow more UK captive bred tortoises to be sold to new hobbyists rather than imported animals. It is also worth remembering that any breeding of any animal should be done responsibly. There are many things to be taken into consideration such as the health of the animal and many other factors such as the ability to find the offspring suitable homes.

We will have many new features and information coming to the site. So keep checking back.

If you like our site and believe that it will be a helpful resource for others, then please let your friends know about us.


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